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Good to know before you pick up your rented motorhome or caravan

, Aug 17, 2022, Reading time: 8 min
Reading time: 8 min

It’s almost time! You have booked a motorhome, campervan or caravan, and will shortly be picking up your rented camping vehicle. Lovely! Then you have something to look forward to! Here are some tips on things that are good to know before check-in, travel and check-out.

Time to pick up the booked motorhome or caravan

Renting a camping vehicle should be smooth and easy. In order for you to have a wonderful camping experience, and for you to avoid unnecessary hassles along the way, there are a few things you need to consider. Here you will find information and tips, divided into four parts:

  • What to do before the booking period begins
  • Things to think about when checking in
  • Tips for the trip
  • Things to keep in mind when checking out

“Check-in” refers to the time when you pick up the vehicle from the vehicle owner to use it during the rental period. The “check-out” refers to the time when you return the vehicle to the owner after the end of the rental period.

Before the rental period begins

Check-in date approaching? Then it’s time to prepare, so that you have everything under control when the time comes. In this way, you avoid unnecessary confusion, and going to pick up the motorhome or caravan will be just as much fun as you want it to be! Go through the following points carefully:

  • Check that you have the correct driving license authorization for the vehicle you are going to rent. Here you can read about driving license rules for motorhomes and caravans. Please note that the person on the booking must have the correct authorization. Do you need to change who is on the booking? Contact Customer service!
  • Register any extra drivers in good time. You do this at the booking page.
  • Add deductible reduction if you want, and thereby reduce the deductible from NOK/SEK 10,000 to NOK/SEK 3,000. Please note that this only applies if the booking is covered by Omocom.
  • Are you planning to take the vehicle abroad? Check that the vehicle you plan to rent can be taken to the country you plan to visit.
  • Pay the deposit before you collect the vehicle.
  • Make sure you have your driver’s license ready before check-in. NOTE! Residents outside Scandinavia also need to have their passport or ID-card which they used to get verified on MyCamper with them at check-in.

Remember to keep all communication with the owner via MyCamper’s platform. In this way, it will be easier to follow up the course of events if, after all, something does not go as planned. It is a security for everyone involved!

Things to think about when checking in

Is the big day here? Then it’s time to check in, Lovely! Now you need to go through the motorhome or caravan together with the owner, so that you know how everything works. Check-in is done in a step-by-step process at MyCamper and takes around 1-2 hours.

Please note that there are many functions in a camping vehicle, and that it can be difficult to perceive and remember all the information. Here are examples of some things that you need to know how it works in the particular vehicle that you are going to rent:

  • Electricity and energy sources (electrical cable, refueling, LPG, etc.)
  • Heat and water
  • Refrigerator and the stove
  • Emptying waste water and toilet
  • Safety equipment (fire extinguishers, alarms, etc.)

Take your time, ask questions if you don’t understand and feel free to take notes. Also ask if the owner has a manual, which you can bring with you. It is important that you feel safe with the vehicle before you approve the check-in. Keep in mind, however, that the owner may also be above and may be renting out for the first time. Be sure to remember the following points:

  • Go through what applies to cleaning, refueling, etc. before check-out.
  • Determine the time and place for check-out.
  • Make sure that both parties, both you and the owner, approve the check-in before you drive away. This is required for the insurance to take effect.

Are you planning to bring the motorhome or caravan to Norway? In that case, check with the owner if he has registered the vehicle on autopass.no, which is the easiest way to pay Norwegian tolls. Regardless, it is of course you, the driver of the vehicle, who has to bear the costs.

Tips during the trip

Once you’ve finished the check-in, it’s time to look forward to a great trip with your rental camper vehicle! Here you will find tips on how to have a nice trip, and reduce the risk of mishaps.

Knowledge and etiquette at the campsite or wild camping site

Are you new to the camping world, and want to know how to behave “correctly” at the campsite? First and foremost, it’s about common sense, being nice to your fellow humans and care about the nature around you. Some things that might be good to think about:

Tips to avoid mishaps and damages

Sometimes accidents happen, but many mishaps can be avoided if you think about it. Here are some good tips for you who want to avoid unnecessary damages.

  • Fold the awning when not in use. It can easily break if it gets windy, for example when you are sleeping.
  • Secure the load before driving: close the doors, cupboards and refrigerators, and take care of loose objects.
  • Close windows and sunroofs before driving.
  • Before leaving a campsite: Retract the electric cable, fold up the support legs and fold in the awning.
  • Carefully check the height of bridges before driving under them.
  • Feel free to take the help of fellow passengers or camping neighbors when reversing.

If you experience problems during the trip

Hopefully everything goes smoothly and without problems, but a few challenges along the way are often included when camping. If there are any questions about how the vehicle works, or if you think something is not working as it should, you should contact the owner in the first instance, who knows his vehicle best. Many times it is possible to solve the problems with dialogue.

If damage occurs when you use the vehicle, you must register an insurance case through the link in the booking. Please read more about insurance with Omocom here, where you will also find telephone numbers, both for general questions and for roadside assistance, which is needed if the vehicle is no longer drivable.

Find great destinations

Where are you going to travel then? With a motorhome or caravan, there are plenty of beautiful destinations to choose from, regardless of whether you prefer quiet nature experiences, camping with lots of activities or city visits. MyCamper’s magazine is constantly replenished with new inspiring travel reports. Here you will find some tips:

Things to keep in mind when checking out

When your rental period is over, it is time to return the camping vehicle that you have rented. Make sure to clean the vehicle properly, as agreed, and return it in as good a condition as possible.

Be sure to arrive at the agreed time for check-out. Remember that another renter may have the vehicle after you, and that you may be liable for compensation if you arrive late. Are you late? Contact the owner and see if it is possible to change the time.

The check-out is a digital step-by-step process that is done on MyCamper, when you and the owner go through the vehicle. Please note that you are liable for compensation for damages and costs incurred during the rental period. Your deposit may be held for a certain amount of time if the owner requests it, for example due to a damage. Please also note that charges incurred during the rental period, such as road tolls, ferry fees and parking fines, may be deducted directly from the security deposit upon check-out for smooth handling.

Check-out is complete when you and the owner have given each other feedback on MyCamper.

Have a great trip!