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Skåne with motorhome or caravan — 15 attractions you need to visit

, Aug 17, 2022, Reading time: 9 min
Reading time: 9 min

Experience Skåne with a motorhome or caravan! Sweden’s southernmost landscape has plenty to offer in the form of nature, culture and exciting experiences. Here you will find fine cities, historic castles, beautiful sandy beaches, lovely nature reserves and thriving vineyards.

Travel guide to Skåne for you with a motorhome or caravan

In this travel guide, you will find tips for those who want to experience Skåne with a motorhome or caravan. Further down in the guide you will find tips on nice campsites and rest areas, where you can stay to experience the best Skåne has to offer. Some rest areas are within walking distance of towns and attractions. In other cases, it may be good to bring a bicycle, alternatively rent a bicycle or take a bus.

Keep in mind that places at campsites and rest areas can quickly fill up during high season. Please book a place in advance or make sure to arrive to the rest area well in advance of the day. You who want to wild camp can of course do so, but pay attention to prohibition signs. In the most tourist-dense areas, it is not uncommon for there to be local associations for overnight stays in camping vehicles. Here you can read more about wild camping.

Sights in Skåne – fifteen places you don’t want to miss

We recommend sights in Skåne and places you don’t want to miss. The locations starts in Scania’s north-east corner and following the coast south, and then on to the north-west corner of the landscape. The whole route is about 400 kilometers, but how much time you need is entirely up to you. There is so much to see and discover that you could spend months here, but of course you can also make a much shorter trip. Here you will find fifteen exciting sights and places that you don’t want to miss:

1. Ivön and Backaskogs Castle

Ivön is a small island located in the middle of Lake Ivösjön, in northeastern Scania. You can get there with the car ferry Karna, and on the island you will find the Ivö klack nature reserve and two campsites. On the way to or from the island, you can take the opportunity to visit Bäckaskog Castle, which is surrounded by a beautiful castle park with large deciduous trees.

2. Kristianstad and Åhus

Kristianstad is a lovely city where you can, among other things, experience good food and visit Naturum Vattenriket. Continue to charming Åhus, where you don’t want to miss enjoying an ice cream – choose between the local Ottoglass or the cozy Ice Cream Boat. Absolut Home is also located in Åhus, where you can join a guided tour and learn more about the history behind Absolut Vodka.

3. Österlen

Österlen is known for its beautiful beaches, its cozy fishing villages and its local food craft. Here you can visit Simrishamn, Kivik and Tomelilla as well as famous beaches such as Knäbäckshusen beach and Sandhammaren beach.

4. Glimmingehus

Glimmingehus is the best-preserved medieval castle in the Nordics. The castle began to be built at the end of the 15th century, when Skåne belonged to Denmark, and was in its time an exclusive residence with everything from modern heating solutions to aggressive defense. Today you can visit both the castle and the small museum next door, which gives an interesting insight into history.

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5. Ales stenar

Ales stenar is Sweden’s largest and best preserved shipwreck. The rock formation is located on a hill above the village of Kåseberga in Österlen and offers a magnificent view, not least at sunset. It is known that the shipwreck dates to sometime between 500 and 1000 AD, but much else is still shrouded in obscurity. Create your own historical theory, then stroll down to the restaurants next door for a delicious fish meal.

6. Korsvirkesstaden Ystad

Ystad is a picturesque and charming little gem with fine half-timbered houses and lots of history. Here you can walk around in Kurt Wallander’s footsteps, or just enjoy an ice cream or a bite to eat in the cozy alleyways.

7. Trelleborg and Smygehuk

Sweden’s southernmost city Trelleborg is known as “Palm City”, with its avenue lined with tall palm trees in true Miami spirit. In addition to taking photos by the palm trees, you can visit “Trelleborgen”, which is a historical reconstruction of an ancient castle that existed here in the 9th century, and make your way to Sweden’s southernmost point, Smygehuk.

8. Skanör and Falsterbo

Skanör and Falsterbo are paradise for those who love beautiful sandy beaches. Here, the sand is fine-grained and the beaches are long. Along the beaches you will find lots of cozy little restaurants and food stalls.

9. Malmöhus Castle

In Malmö, in good weather, you can enjoy the lovely atmosphere among all the outdoor seating at Lilla torg. It is also very interesting to visit Malmöhus castle and the fine castle garden.

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10. The Cathedral and Culture in Lund

One of the most interesting sights in Lund is Lund Cathedral, where you can experience the astronomical clock from the 15th century and the crypt with “Finn the Giant”. You also don’t want to miss the Kulturen open-air museum in Lund, which offers fine historical environments in the middle of town. If you travel a bit outside the city, you can visit Dalby Söderskog, which is Europe’s smallest national park.

11. Landskrona Castle

Landskrona Castle is a well-preserved fortress from 1559, which is surrounded by double moats. Here you can take advantage of a guided tour and, for example, learn more about the angel maker Hilda Nilsson. Starting in Landskrona, you can also take a boat trip to the beautiful island of Ven, where you will find, among other things, a museum about Tycho Brahe.

12. Helsingborg

Helsingborg is a lovely Scanian city, where, in addition to seeing the classic Kärnan, you can enjoy sandy beaches and cold bathhouses. There are also several interesting and beautiful attractions here, such as Sofiero castle and castle garden as well as Fredriksdal’s museums and gardens.

13. Kullahalvön

Kullahalvön offers beautiful and dramatic nature, and if you hike in the Kullaberg nature reserve, you can discover a number of exciting caves, among other things. On Kullahalvön you will also find the pottery town Höganäs, charming Mölle and the spectacular work of art Nimis. If you are curious about Swedish wine, you can visit both Kullaberg’s vineyard and Arild’s vineyard.

14. Ängelholm

Ängelholm is a small, but pleasant town in Scania. Here you can take a trip with the tourist boat Laxen on Rönne lake, which is sometimes called the “Amazon of Scania”, hang out in Hembygdsparken or learn more about trains at the Railway Museum.

15. Bjärehalvön

Bjärehalvön, in northwestern Scania, has a lot to offer. If you like nature, you can go to Hov’s halls, where dramatic cliffs are interspersed with cobblestone fields, right next to the sea. If you would rather experience a typical summer idyll, you can make a stop in Torekov, from where there are also boat trips to Halland’s Väderö. On Bjärehalvön you will also find the popular resort of Båstad, and in its vicinity you can visit Norrviken’s gardens, with its magnificent plantings.

Campsites in Skåne

There are plenty of campsites in Skåne, and many are located in scenic locations along the coasts. Here you will find tips on some nice places to visit with a motorhome or caravan.

Ivö camping

Ivö camping is located on the island of Ivön in northeastern Scania. This is a family-friendly campsite surrounded by greenery and lovely nature.

Address: Arkebiskopens väg 4, Fjälkinge

Borrbystrand camping

On the beautiful coast of Österlen, you will find Borrbystrand’s campsite. This family-friendly campsite offers, among other things, a sandy beach and beautiful surroundings.

Address: Granhyddevägen 2, Borrby

Ystad Camping

Ystad Camping is a large and nice campsite, within cycling distance of central Ystad. A short walking distance from the campsite you will find a long and beautiful sandy beach.

Address: Österleden 97, Ystad

First Camp Sibbarp in Malmö

In Malmö you will find one of First Camp’s premium campsites. The campsite has a sandy beach and you are within cycling distance to town.

Address: Strandgatan 101, Limhamn

First Camp Råå Vallar in Helsingborg

On the coast in Helsingborg is yet another of First Camp’s premium campsites. There is both a beach and a pool area with several different pools, as well as a large range of other activities.

Address: Kustgatan 95, Råå

Rest areas in Skåne

There are also many rest areas in Skåne, where you can stay with a motorhome or campervan. Here you will find tips on some nice places.

Kåseberga rest area

Kåseberga rest area is right next to the attraction Ales stenar. Here you stand on grass and electricity is available for some of the places. Service houses with toilets and showers are also available.

Address: Ale väg 2, Löderup

The lagoon in Malmö

Lagunen rest area is located in Lagunen marina, in Limhamn. From here it is cycling distance to the city and you have access to all the services you may need, with the exception of gray water emptying.

Address: Vaktgatan 9, Limhamn

Lundåkrahamnen in Landskrona

In Lundåkrahamnen, just outside central Landskrona, there is a large parking lot for motorhomes. Here, you stand nicely by the water, with access to all the services you need.

Address: Stuverigatan 43, Landskrona

Norra Hamnen in Helsingborg

At the North Harbor in Helsingborg there is a very central parking space for mobile homes. On site there is most service you could need, with the exception of gray water emptying.

Address: Parapeten 6, Helsingborg

Ängelholm’s harbor

At Ängelholm’s föreningshamn there is a nice parking space for mobile homes, with all the services you need and cycling distance to town.

Address: Segelvägen 1, Ängelholm