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The founders of MyCamper Nordics
Founders: Nicolas, Rickard, Anders and Farshad

About us

MyCamper Nordics is a sharing platform for motorhomes and caravans in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. We match vacant vehicles with people who want to rent them.

There are many motorhomes and caravans in the Nordic countries and many who want to rent. In 2017 we discovered that it was anything but easy to rent. Scattered ads online resulted in many inquiries - and many refusals. And all this took a lot of time.

Even though we eventually found a vehicle, we felt a certain fear of being cheated. There must be a better way, we thought. Why is there no Airbnb for motorhomes and caravans?

The freedom with motorhomes and caravans

We want more people to discover the joy of motorhomes and caravans - without having to buy their own vehicle. It's a huge freedom to just drive away, stop anywhere you want and spend the night comfortably in the middle of nowhere. Everything is there. You can camp, hike in the mountains, stay in cities and discover the feeling of freedom with camping - all year round.

MyCamper at Caravan Club Riksting
Hanging out with Snäckan and Skalis at Caravan Club Riksting 🤩

Sharing is double joy

We thought it felt like a huge waste of resources that most motorhomes and caravans are unused most of the year. Most are only used for a few weeks a year. This feels strange at a time when resource utilization is high on the agenda and the sharing economy is growing ever larger. The sharing economy has just begun, and we see everything from sharing your apartment with others, to sharing your car, boat or lawn mower. The more vehicles we share, the fewer new ones need to be manufactured. At the same time as we save on the world's resources, we give more people the opportunity to experience the joy of motorhomes and caravans.

Therefore, our starting point is that the vehicle owners with us want to rent out their motorhome and caravan as much as possible. With us, you can participate and contribute to a slightly more sustainable society.

"Why is there no Airbnb for motorhomes and caravans?"

MyCamper makes it easy, safe and secure to rent and rent out motorhomes and caravans. We help you find the right vehicle for your adventure, or rent out your vehicle to others.



Farshad Tajik

Customer support


Minna Koski

Customer support


Daniel Antunes

Customer support


Rickard Magnusson



Nicolas Cohen

Business development


Anders Lisspers


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