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Discover the freedom of renting a motorhome

At MyCamper you can rent motorhomes directly from the motorhome owners and at lower prices. Our sharing platform is perfect for those who want to take their family and friends on spontaneous adventures and unforgettable moments in scenic environments. Being able to take the house with you wherever you go gives an unbeatable sense of freedom. And why not take your best friend on an adventure by renting a campervan. 

The advantages of living in a motorhome are many, and with a fully equipped kitchen, toilet and beds for the whole family, the conditions are there for a smooth and economical trip. Since the motorhome doesn’t require connection to either electricity or water for a few days, you have the perfect conditions for camping out in the open, away from the campsites, which provides the opportunity for fantastic nature experiences. MyCamper stands for the easygoing life, and in times when we should reduce our air travel and share our resources instead of constantly consuming new ones, our platform represents a greater opportunity for a more environmentally friendly travel.

We wish to protect the environment and think that it is unnecessary for fully functional mobile homes to stand still on the parking lots without being used. Take your loved ones on an unforgettable journey and let the shape of the day and the weather dictate where the next pin on the map is placed.  Perhaps you will find a nice spot where you choose to stay for a little while, and then continue with the journey when you feel it is time for new impressions and experiences. When you visit friends who may have a shortage of space, the motorhome is an excellent solution for you to be able to sleep and cook for yourself, and not feel like you are intruding. At large parties or events, you save both time and money if you can sleep in the motorhome a stone’s cast from the party, instead of hunting for hotels and having to think about transportation. 

As a motorhome owner, you can earn money by renting out your motorhome via MyCamper. 

Advantages with MyCamper

  • Via our sharing platform, you can rent a motorhome at a lower price, directly from a motorhome owner near you, and you don’t have to turn to rental companies with unnecessarily high prices.

  • We offer a wide range of options with many different motorhome models to choose from.

  • When you rent from a private person, comprehensive insurance that applies throughout Europe is automatically included.

  • You can feel safe with our secure payment methods as we hold the money until you have checked-in to the motorhome.

  • Should the motorhome break during the holiday, we also offer roadside assistance around the clock and telephone support.


How much does it cost to rent a mobile home per week?
The price for renting a motorhome can vary a lot based on, for example, the size of the vehicle and the time of year you want to rent it. A motorhome for 4 people costs during low season from SEK 8000 per week to rent.
Where can you rent a motorhome?
On MyCamper you can find motorhomes to rent throughout Sweden, Norway and Finland. You simply search for the vehicle you want and send your booking request directly via the website. The rent includes insurance.
Is insurance included when renting a motorhome?
Yes. Insurance is included when you rent a motorhome from a private person.
Is it safe to rent a motorhome privately?
Yes, it is safe if you rent via MyCamper. MyCamper performs ID verification of all motorhome owners via BankID or webbank verification. That way, you can feel confident that the owner is who they say they are. The rent also includes insurance so that you can feel safe with your booking.