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MyCamper conveys the idea of sharing goods and experiences. At MyCamper, we want to promote the use of existing resources through the rental principle, rather than producing more. This idea is particularly applicable for campers, as they are only used a few weeks in the year. Through this platform, these vehicles can be rented when not in use. Owners can cover their fixed costs and renters benefit from lower prices.

Reasons to offer a MyCamper voucher

  1. Vacations in campers are always a great adventure. Perfect for relaxing, getting away from it all and enjoying nature.
  2. Your friends will forever be indebted to you for this gift.
  3. They will have to take you with them on vacation.

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After receiving the payment, we will send you the voucher by email within one business day. If you would like to pay a different amount or prefer to pay your voucher by invoice, please send us an email to We will send you the voucher after receiving the payment.

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