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16 fantastic family campsites in Sweden

, Jul 15, 2022, Reading time: 10 min
Reading time: 10 min

The summer season attracts outdoor life, sun and swimming, play and nature experiences. What is better than rolling in with the motorhome or caravan to a nice campsite? Here we suggest 16 beautiful family campsites, from Pite havsbad in the north to Ystad camping in the south.

What is a good family campsite?

Camping can often be appreciated by the whole family, both among adults and children of different ages. Of course, there may be different opinions about what a good family campsite is, and what is best for your particular family depends on both the age of the children, and the interests of the family. Some thrive on large campsites with lots of activities, while others prefer close to nature and a little easier places. Here are some things that can be appreciated on a family campsite and that you may want to look for when looking for a suitable campsite:

  • Sandy beach (preferably shallow)
  • Pools (children’s pool if you travel with small children)
  • Nice nature areas
  • Activities suitable for the children in your family
  • Program activities for children
  • An environment where the adults in the family also can enjoy

Tips for Swedish family campsites

There are many nice family campsites in Sweden. Some are small, personal and quiet, while others are gigantic with an abundance of activities. No matter what type of camping you prefer, here you will find a long list of tips on campsites that are particularly suitable for families with children.

1. Daftö Resort

Daftö Resort is a large campsite and amusement park on the west coast just south of Strömstad. Here you can stay in your own motorhome or caravan, and there is also the option of staying with a pirate feel at the pirate hotel or in the pirate village. In the large amusement park, Daftöland, you’ll find lots of attractions that really raise the pulse, such as a roller coaster or logs in the popular “Silverforsen”. There are also all kinds of opportunities for play and entertainment, such as theatre, an obstacle course or a meeting with live “pirates”.

Address: Daftö Resort, 452 97 Strömstad.
Website: Daftö Resort

Summer at Daftö Resort

Summer at Daftö Resort

Pirates in Silverforsen in the amusement park Daftöland

Pirates in Silverforsen in the amusement park Daftöland

2. Pite havsbad

Pite havsbad offers a summer paradise in the north. The campsite is beautifully situated by the sea and has a large range of activities for both young and old. Here you will find a large water park with a large number of pools and water slides. If the weather is not the best, you can enjoy a sun terrace with artificial sun. At the campsite you will also find a gym, spa, playground and activity house with many different activities. Here it is difficult to get bored!

Address: Hotellvägen 50, Piteå

Pite havsbad is perfect for anyone who loves pools and water games

3. Byske havsbad

Byske havsbad is a five-star campsite on the Norrland coast and Byskeälven, 30 km north of Skellefteå. The campsite offers a beautiful sandy beach, and there are also pools and water slides. Here you will also find mini golf, a BMX bike path and a large bouncy castle for children. In summer you can also rent a bicycle or pedal car.

Address: Bäckgatan 40, Byske

Byske havsbad has a nice sandy beach

4. Leksand Strand, Camping & Resort

Leksand Strand is a large family campsite with a scenic location close to Siljan. At the campsite you will find lots of activities for both adults and children. There is a large pool area with water slide, but also for example mini golf, cable car and playroom. You who want to experience the beautiful nature in the area can hike, rent a bike or kayak.

Address: Siljansvägen 61, Leksand

Leksand, Strand, Camping & Resort is beautifully located by Siljan

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5. Ängskärs havscamping

Ängskär’s sea camping is fantastically beautiful, in the middle of Ängskär’s nature reserve in Uppland. This is a campsite for you who like a slightly smaller campsite, surrounded by beautiful nature. Here is a nice and child-friendly small beach, which almost looks like a lagoon. You can also walk on the rocks, and on the way you can meet a group of goats. Nearby you will also find another nature area, in the form of Bondskäret nature reserve.

Address: Ängskär 304, Hållnäs

At Ängskär’s sea campsite there is a nice little sandy beach

6. Sunnanö Camping

Sunnanö camping is a scenic and nice family campsite located a few kilometers outside Öregrund center in Roslagen. The campsite is located right on the water, with beach, piers and a guest harbor. In addition, there is a restaurant with great views. If you want to make a pleasant excursion, you can visit the charming little town of Öregrund, or take the ferry from Öregrund over to the beautiful island of Gräsö.

Address: Sunnanövägen 38, Öregrund

Sunnanö camping is a little summer paradise in Roslagen

7. Malmköpings Bad & Camping

Malmköpings Bad & Camping is nicely located by Hosjösjøen, which is equipped with jetties and a jumping tower. At the campsite you can also rent a canoe or pedal boat, or maybe play a game of mini golf. There is a restaurant and in the summer many different activities are arranged for the children. You who want to experience more nature can walk, cycle or visit the small town of Malmköping.

Address: Förrådsgatan 15, Malmköping

Malmköpings Bad & Camping is nicely located by Hosjösjøen

8. Gustavsviks Resort

Gustavsviks Resort is a five-star family campsite in Örebro, where you will also find «Lost City», which is described as «Sweden’s biggest bathing adventure». There are six large water slides and two mini slides for the little ones. The campsite also has many other activities such as mini golf, bouncy castles, football billiards, arcade games and an adventure club. In addition, it is close to Örebro, where you can visit the magnificent Örebro Castle or the charming open-air museum Wadköping.

Address: Stenbackevägen 4, Örebro

At Gustavsviks Resort there is a nice course for mini golf

9. First Camp Ekudden

First Camp Ekudden is nicely located by the water in Mariestad, and is known for the fantastic sunset that you can see here. The campsite has sandy beaches and jetties, and next to it there is a temperate pool. You can also rent a bike or pedal car, or maybe play a round of mini golf. In the summers, there is a team that arranges shows, training and various activities for children. If you want to make an excursion, you can take the opportunity to visit the picturesque town of Mariestad.

Address: Ekuddenvägen 50, Mariestad

At First Camp Ekudden you can play mini golf or rent a bicycle or pedal car

10. Västervik Resort

Västervik Resort is a large and a fantastic family campsite that is beautifully located by the sea. The campsite is perfect for you who want to swim, whether you prefer a stone pool, sandy beach, water park with water slides or spa and relax. At the campsite there are also several restaurants and a packed activity program with everything from training for the adults to treasure hunting for the children.

Address: Lysingsvägen, Västervik

Västervik Resort offers beautiful nature with cliffs and bridges between the cliffs

11. Böda Sand

Böda Sand Camping on Öland is Sweden’s largest campsite. The popular campsite is located along a long fine sandy beach, and close by you will find the pool area with lots of pools and water slides. The campsite also has restaurants, shops, mini golf courses, playgrounds and many different activities for children. If you go outside the campsite, you can, for example, experience the fantastic Trollskogen.

Address: Bödasandsallén 11, Löttorp

At Böda Sand camping there is a large, lovely pool area

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12. Evedals Camping

Close to Växjö center, but in a peaceful place next to Helgasjön, is Evedals camping. At the campsite there is a nice swimming area and the opportunity to rent a boat, fish, play mini golf or “snookball”, which is a mixture of football and billiard. If you want to make an excursion, you can take the opportunity to visit Växjö or the beautiful Teleborg Castle, which looks like a place from the world of fairy tales.

Address: LJ Brandts väg 3, Växjö

Evedals Camping offers a peaceful environment by Helgasjön

13. Dragsjö Camping & Stugby

Dragsö Camping & Stugby is located on the island of Dragsö in Karlskrona and offers a wonderful holiday environment. Here you will find a nice beach, and in the summer there is a program with lots of activities for the whole family. On Dragsö is also Trollskogen, where you can walk among magical gnarled trees and lots of small magical statues. If you want to make an excursion, you can visit Karlskrona and the city’s fine naval museum.

Address: Dragsövägen 14, Karlskrona

At Dragsö Camping & Stugby there is a popular sandy beach

14. First Camp Tylösand – Halmstad

First Camp Tylösand is one of the camping chain’s first class campsites. The campsite is a short walk from the seven kilometer long and precious sandy beach in Tylösand. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, the destination is perfect for windsurfing and golf. For the little ones there is a playground and a kids club. If you want to take an excursion, you can take the opportunity to visit the beautiful summer town of Halmstad.

Address: Kungsvägen 3, Halmstad

First Camp Tylösand is a summer paradise on the west coast

15. First Camp Råå Vallar – Helsingborg

First Camp Råå Vallar is located by the sea, just south of Helsingborg city center. Here you can swim by the long sandy beach or in the campsite’s pools. At this premium campsite there is also a nice mini golf course and the opportunity to rent bikes and pedal cars. In the summers, training and all types of activities are arranged for both children and adults. If you want to make excursions you can visit the pleasant city of Helsingborg or Sofiero castle and castle garden. You can also take a ferry during the day to Danish Elsinore.

Address: Kustgatan 95, Råå

First Camp Råå Vallar has a nice location right by the sea

16. Ystad Camping

Ystad Camping is a nice and popular family campsite located near the sea, with cycling distance to Ystad center. The campsite has both a shop and a pizzeria. In addition to the sandy beach, there is also a kiosk and mini golf next door. If you want to take an excursion, you can visit the charming and picturesque town of Ystad, filled with fine half-timbered houses, or perhaps take a trip to Ale’s stones, which offer both history and mystery.

Address: Österleden 97, Ystad

Ystad Camping is popular, not least during the summer months