Insurance information

When you rent out a camping vehicle via MyCamper, insurance is automatically included via Omocom. This information answers the most common questions about insurance and explains where to turn in the event of a damage or an accident.

If there should be questions that you do not get answers to in the information, you are more than welcome to contact Omocom - They are happy to help!

Has something happened?

If something has happened and you want to create an insurance claim, follow these steps:

  1. Do you need roadside assistance? Call one of the following numbers, depending on where the vehicle is from and inform them that you have an insurance via Omocom:
    a. Finland: RedGo
    +358 34 399 847
    b. Norway: RedGo/Falck
    (0047) 242 401 86
    c. Sweden: RedGo/Falck
    +46 8 731 40 68
    d. Denmark: RedGo/Falck
    +45 70 202 908
  2. If you are going to create an insurance claim, you will find a link directly in your booking under the heading "Insurance". By using this link, your vehicle and booking details are pre-filled for a quicker process. Once you have submitted your claim via the link, you will be contacted by an administrator who will help you further. If the vehicle is still drivable you can create the insurance claim after the booking has ended.
  3. If you have general insurance questions, you can call Omocom on +46 8-520 278 70. You can also send an e-mail to

Note! If you have questions about the insurance or a specific insurance matter, please, contact Omocom. MyCamper's customer service can't answer questions about insurance matters.

How do I get an insurance?

You don't have to do anything at all! The insurance is activated automatically when your MyCamper booking starts.

The insurance is a so-called mandatory group insurance, which means that it is included when renting via MyCamper. The insurance is valid for the entire rental period with MyCamper.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers damage, loss or theft that occurs within the EEA and the United Kingdom

Can I ignore having a car insurance now?

No, Omocom's insurance solution requires the vehicle to be covered by basic traffic insurance.

Why do I need basic traffic insurance?

Omocom's insurance solution covers where the basic traffic insurance does not cover, for example in the event of theft or damage that occurs when the vehicle has been rented out to a second or third party.

If a damage or theft can be compensated by the ordinary traffic insurance, Omocom reimburses costs for, for example, deductibles paid to ordinary insurance companies.

Contact Omocom's claims team if it feels tricky, they are happy to help and explain in a way that everyone should understand.

Examples of damages that are compensated:

  • Traffic accident that causes damage to the vehicle
  • Intentional damage - someone throws a stone at the vehicle
  • Theft - An unknown person steals and drives away with the vehicle
  • A dent in the vehicle caused by accidentally backing into an object
  • Stone shot on the windshield

Examples of damages that are not compensated:

  • Misfuelling
  • Minor scratches or normal wear and tear that does not affect the usability of the vehicle
  • Wear, rust, corrosion or something else that is due to lack of maintenance of the vehicle

What is Omocom?

Omocom is an insurance intermediary that tailors and distributes the insurance. A traditional insurance company, in this case Dina Försäkringar AB, takes the risk. Omocom has a circular thinking, which means that they want to promote the use of existing vehicles, things and homes by adapting insurance for it. So that more people dare to rent out!

Omocom has its own claims settlement team that handles claims reports quickly and trouble-free.

If you have a general question about the insurance or need to report a damage, it is the Omocom team you contact.


Compensation can be made through repairs, compensation by a corresponding property or paid in cash.

Payout is made with Omocom's payment partner Trustly - you usually have your money within a few minutes of payout initiation!

Contact Omocom

You can contact Omocom as follows:

Do you have any questions?

Check our Helpcenter or contact us if you have any further questions: See the opening hours of the support