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Rent motorhomes in Switzerland

Rent a campervan safely and securely. Insurance is automatically included for privately owned vehicles.

Motorhome: On the road with comfort

The motorhome is a vehicle, which serves the living and travelling purposes. The rear body is positioned directly on the chassis and includes living and sleeping area as well as kitchen and bathroom. The dimensions of the motorhomes can vary strongly, on the average a mobile home is approx. 7 meters long and 2.3  meters wide.

Top brands and 3 types of motorhomes

The most popular motorhome brands include Pössl, Hymer, Dethleffs, Bürstner, Knaus and Carado. Among the numerous variations these three main types can be generally classified:

  • The alcove can be recognized by the typical sleeping niche above the driver's cab, which offers more privacy for families with young children. This creates more space for the large seating area, which can be converted into a double bed. Normally an alcove has a total of six sleeping places. There is also plenty of space for a kitchen, toilet and shower.
  • With the semi-integrated motorhome, the living cabin is placed on top of the base vehicle. It has enough living space with a small kitchen and full bathroom including shower. The seats in the original driver's cab can be converted into a seating group. A semi-integrated motor home has up to six sleeping places either on lifting beds above the seating group or on fixed beds in the back area.
  • The fully integrated motorhomestands for more living comfort. The driver's cabin merges with the living area from back to front and is equally insulated. The driver's cab is therefore produced in one casting by the same manufacturer. Typically, a fully integrated motorhome has a flat front with a huge panoramic windshield which provides a lot of space. Bathroom and kitchen area are located in the living area, which is significantly larger than in the semi-integrated motorhome.

Ideal for long-term travelers who like it comfortable

With its size and comfort, the motorhome is suitable for long-term travelers with a category B driving licence:

  • For families with multiple children
  • Sportsmen and sportswomen can easily store large sports equipment such as kayaks or stand-up paddles.
  • Senior citizens benefit from the additional comfort and comfortable beds.
  • Dog owners have enough space for a dog box.

The history of the motorhome

The motorhome was born in 1971, when Erwin Hymer combined the caravan and drawing vehicle and sent the first mobile homes into series production. Well-known brands followed and at the end of the 80s the motorhome experienced its first boom.

With the term "glamping" from the 21st century, the motorhome became the figurehead for luxury campers. Floor heating, flat screens and other technological features are included in the luxury motorhomes.

The steady increase in the number of motorhomes in recent years reflects the desire for adventure and independence of many people. The trend intensified in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, when the motorhome became a short-term and safe alternative to international flights - even for people who rarely go camping.

Rent a motorhome

Renting a motorhome is a welcome vacation option for many families. Traveling with a motorhome makes exploring a region very flexible. On MyCamper you can choose upon numerous motorhome models of private owners. Among them, you will find motorhome from e.g. Dethleffs, Bürstner, Hymer, Knaus or Sunlight, which can be easily booked online - fully comprehensive insurance included.