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Rent motorhomes an campervans in Valais

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Rent campers of all types and sizes online in Valais

Crans-Montana, Brig, Martigny, Roche, Sierre, Sion, Visp, Goms, Wilderswil and many more - the list of places where you can rent a camper in Valais is long. At MyCamper you will find several vehicles for rent in all major and most of the smaller towns in the canton. This way you don't have to go far to find the vacation vehicle that best suits your needs. Accordingly, you can start your vacation quickly and comfortably with a camper from MyCamper.

Holidaymakers who want to start their camping vacation in the canton and rent a camper in Valais will find an interesting selection of about 100 camping vehicles of all types at MyCamper. The range of vehicles extends from small campervans with solid equipment to medium-sized partially integrated motothomes with good equipment to large fully integrated campers with luxurious equipment. For those who want to rent a camper in Valais, MyCamper thus offers the right vehicle for their vacation.

If one canton represents the epitome of the Swiss landscape, it is probably Valais. Here, majestic four-thousand-meter peaks and fascinating glaciers meet sprawling vineyards and romantic valleys. Especially in winter, Valais attracts thousands and thousands of tourists who enjoy the canton's more than 2,400 kilometers of pistes and guaranteed snow to the fullest. With 45 mountains over 4,000 meters high and spectacular glaciers, such as the Great Aletsch Glacier, the canton of Valais has a unique mountain world to offer its guests, which also attracts numerous tourists in summer. Over 8,000 kilometers of hiking trails and hundreds of kilometers of mountain bike trails ensure wonderful experiences in the mountains even in the summer months. What's more, visitors to Valais enjoy an exceptional sunshine bonus all year round. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the Valais is one of the sunniest regions in Switzerland. It is therefore not surprising that the wines, fruits and other natural products from the canton are among the best in the country and contribute much to the excellent gastronomy of Valais.

Travelers who want to enjoy the canton's majestic mountains in their campervan can drive some of the most beautiful and spectacular pass roads in Switzerland here. The number and the pass heights of the mountain roads in Valais are unparalleled. With the Furka, the Grimsel, the Great St. Bernhard, the Nufenen and the Simplon, no less than five mountain passes in Valais reach a pass height of over 2,000 meters. In terms of gradient, some of the passes in Valais are also among the steepest of their kind in Switzerland. Camper drivers should therefore definitely consider in advance of the trip whether their vehicle is suitable for the planned route.

There is hardly any other canton in Switzerland where holidaymakers can choose from as many campsites as in Valais. This is not only due to the size of the canton, but certainly also to its scenic beauty, which makes it a real tourist magnet. Most of the 50 or so campsites in Valais are located in the Rhone Valley. But there are also numerous larger and smaller campsites in the many side valleys of the Rhone Valley. The campsites in the tourist strongholds such as Zermatt and Saas-Fee are particularly popular.