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Rent motorhomes an campervans in Yverdon

Trouvez le véhicule idéal pour des vacances en camping auprès d'un particulier à Yverdon et dans les environs.

Rent campers and motorhomes in Yverdon conveniently online

If you want to start your camping vacation from Yverdon, you don't have far to go to your vacation vehicle. Renting a camper in Yverdon and the surrounding area is- very simple with MyCamper. In the city itself and in neighboring towns like Grandson, Pomy, Yvonand and Charvonay, dozens of camping vehicles are available all year round. If you want to rent a camper in Yverdon, you don't have to search long on MyCamper to find the right vehicle for your vacation.

Campers who want to rent a motorhome in Yverdon and start their camping vacation from there, have a choice of about 200 different vehicles at MyCamper - and that all year round. Depending on what requirements you have for your vacation vehicle, MyCamper offers you a full range of different campers. If you only need a little storage space, you can rent a compact campervan in Yverdon. If you need a little more space for fellow travelers and luggage, you'll find numerous integrated and semi-integrated campers for rent in Yverdon and the surrounding area. And even for travelers who are looking for an unusual camping vehicle, MyCamper has a suitable vehicle ready. Here you will find, among other things, not only cars with a roof tent, but also off-road vehicles with a lift bed.

Nestled in a beautiful location between the mountains of the Jura, the hills of the Broye and Lake Neuchâtel, Yverdon-les-Bains is the most important spa town in Western Switzerland. Excavations have proven that even the Romans appreciated the beneficial power of the thermal waters of the region. Even today, Yverdon, with its sulfur and magnesium springs, is a center of recreation and healing. The picturesque old town of Yverdon is dominated by the 13th century castle, which houses a history and fashion museum. Yverdon is also home to one of Switzerland's most exceptional museums. The "House of Elsewhere" is Europe's first museum of science fiction. The surroundings of the town are particularly beautiful. Along the southern shore of Lake Neuchâtel stretches the vast nature reserve of the Grande Cariçaie. Switzerland's largest wetland conservation area is home to over 1,000 plant species and some 10,000 animal species. The trails through the moorland, forest and prairie landscapes of the nature reserve are a true paradise for nature lovers. Finally, travelers who are enthusiastic about castles and old weapons must not miss a visit to Grandson Castle. The medieval castle above Lake Neuchâtel is the second largest of its kind in Switzerland and houses a very interesting collection of weapons.

If you want to rent a camper in Yverdon and immediately head for the mountains, you won't have far to go to the mountains of the Jura. Only a few kilometers from Yverdon are the mountain passes of the Col des Etroits, the Col de Jougne, the Col du Mont d'Orzeires and the Col du Mollendruz. If you prefer to travel on flatter terrain with your camping vehicle, you should not miss to drive the road around Lake Neuchâtel. It offers numerous beautiful views of the lake and the Swiss mountains.

Holidaymakers in Yverdon are spoilt for choice when it comes to a pitch. With Camping Yverdon, there is a campsite right in the center of town, in a beautiful location right on the shores of the lake. Just a few kilometers outside of Yverdon are three other campsites: Camping Pécos-Grandson, Camping VD8 Pointe d'Yvonand and Camping de la Menthue. Lake Neuchâtel is generally a paradise for campers. More than ten campsites await their guests on the shores of the lake. But also travelers who prefer the mountains have a choice of several campsites in the Jura in the immediate vicinity of Yverdon, such as Camping VD28 Les Cluds, Camping du Val-de-Travers and Camping Pré Sous Ville.