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Rent an RV or motorhome in Finland

Rent a motorhome safely and securely. Insurance is automatically included for privately owned vehicles.

Rent an RV or motorhome in Finland with your family or friends

Here at MyCamper we have a variety of motorhomes or RV for rent. Rent an RV or motorhome in Finland directly from private owners for a low cost. We make the camping experience trouble-free and simple with our all-around insurance and road assistance 24/7 included in the price. Bring your family or friends on spontaneous adventures in Finland with a fully equipped motorhome or RV with kitchen, toilet, beds and sitting groups. You get a sense of freedom when you are able to take your cabin on wheels anywhere you wanna go, and since the motorhome don't need to be connected to electricity or water for a few days, you have the time to camp away from packed campsites. And instead camp in open air.

Benefits of renting through MyCamper

  • Through our sharing platform, you rent an RV or motorhome in Finland cheap, and directly from a motorhome or RV owner near you, and you do not have to turn to rental companies with unnecessarily high prices.

  • We offer great choices with many different RV or motorhome models to choose from.

  • When you rent through a private individual, a full-coverage insurance is included that is valid throughout Europe.

  • You can feel safe with our secure payment methods as we keep the money until you have checked into the motorhome or RV.

  • Should you get stuck during the holiday, we offer roadside assistance 24/7, and telephone support.


What is included in the rental price when I rent an RV or motorhome?
An all-round insurance and road assistance 24/7 is included in the price when you rent a motorhome from a private owner.
How many kilometers per week is included when I rent an RV or motorhome?
The minimum requirement is 1000 kilometers per week, the owner can decide to include more per week.
Can someone sleep in a bed while the motorhome or RV is driving?
No, everyone must always be seated with seatbelt on while driving. Anything else is both dangerous and illegal.

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