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Three advantages with renting out via MyCamper

, Dec 14, 2022, Reading time: 3 min
Reading time: 3 min

Renting out your motorhome or caravan privately can feel complicated, but with MyCamper you can safely sit back and rent out your vehicle safely and easily. Here are three of the main advantages.


1. Feel safe with MyCamper’s insurance

Most insurance companies, unfortunately, do not or only partially cover private rental. Therefore, together with Omocom, we have developed a tailor-made insurance just for the rental of private motorhomes and caravans, and we dare to say that it is the best insurance on the market.

The insurance is activated when the check-in is approved and is valid until the check-out. In addition to “ordinary” insurance items such as fire, glass and carriage damage, MyCamper’s insurance also covers:

  • Theft by renter: From an insurance perspective, this is a tricky point as you, as the owner voluntarily gave the key to the renter and therefore it isn’t formally a theft. Our insurance covers this item. If the car is not returned, you are entitled to compensation up to the car’s current value.
  • Lost revenue: Has bad luck struck and you’re faced with a broken down vehicle for a upcoming booking? Our insirance can provide compensation for lost income for up to two weeks, and the renter gets their money back.
  • Roadside assistance around the clock throughout Europe: If something happens during the rental period, there is always the possibility to call roadside assistance, regardless of where in Europe the motorhome is. If the tow truck personel can easily fix the vehicle on site so that the renter can drive on, they will do so, otherwise it can be taken to one of all the connected workshops for repair. This means that you as the owner can relax at home instead.

2. Secure background checks

Knowing that there is insurance IF something happens is important, but we also want to make sure to minimise the risk THAT something should happen. We want you to feel safe with the person you rent to and therefore we do background checks on all renters.

The background check starts with the renter needing to verify themselves with BankID or other form of secure identification, and email. We also ensure here that the renter meets your desired minimum age. We then carry out a credit report on the renter to ensure that there are no debts. Only when this is ensured is the renter allowed to send you a booking request.

As a final step in the security check, you will personally check the driving license as part of the check-in process to ensure that it is the correct person.

3. Save time

We know that your time is precious and want to make it as smooth as possible for you to rent out your motorhome or caravan. That is why we have developed the availability calendar.


Availability calendar

Use the availability calendar to mark when you will use your vehicle yourself

Here you specify which days or weeks you do not want to rent out the vehicle, for example when you intend to use it yourself or if you want to store it for winter. Our booking system then shows these days as booked for the possible renter so they can’t submit a request then and you don’t have to say no to a lot of requests.

When a renter sends a booking request, this time is also temporarily booked in the availability calendar until you have answered the request. In this way, you avoid receiving multiple requests for the same time period. Smooth!