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The advantages of renting via MyCamper

, Dec 14, 2022, Reading time: 5 min
Reading time: 5 min

With MyCamper, nothing stands in the way of a smooth, uncomplicated, and simple rental of your beloved camping vehicle. Several thousand vehicles are available on MyCamper every year, and over the years we have accumulated a lot of knowledge in the field of sharing camping vehicles. In this article, we present the advantages of renting through MyCamper.

1. Worry-free rental with MyCamper’s rental insurance

Directly when a camping vehicle is rented out, it must be ensured that it is properly insured. Insurance companies often exclude paid rental vehicles in their terms and conditions, so for that reason, we have put together an insurance solution that covers these rentals. In the Nordic countries, we collaborate with our insurance partner Omocom, and in Switzerland, with Baloise.

The insurance only applies when the mobile home is actually rented and does not entail any extra, fixed costs for you as the vehicle owner. As soon as the rental starts, the insurance is activated and is valid until check-out.

In addition to the standard cover, which applies to, for example, fire and extensive damage, MyCamper’s insurance solution covers misappropriation. This is a tricky area from an insurance perspective, as the key to the camper is voluntarily handed over to the renter and therefore does not constitute theft. However, with our insurance, you are insured if the renter does not return the motorhome.

If breakdowns occur during the camping trip, for example due to a flat tire, renters are protected. In the Nordic countries, this is included in the package, while this roadside assistance is added in Switzerland. In this way, as the owner, you can feel confident that your tenants can have a smooth holiday with your camping vehicle.

2. Your camping vehicle – your rules

On MyCamper, you can set rules related to your vehicle. This ensures you get bookings that are right for you. For example, you specify what the minimum age of your tenants should be. You can also specify the minimum number of nights you want to rent out your camper. As check-in and check-out take time, it is important to consider how many nights are suitable for you. You can also specify whether bookings with pets are allowed or not.

You also decide in what condition your camping vehicle should be returned. Do you want to take care of cleaning and vacuuming in the camper or do you want your tenants to fix this? It’s just that you specify what you prefer in your rules.

It is important to us that you only rent out your camping vehicle if you feel comfortable with the planned trip and the renter.

In the availability calendar, you enter when your camping vehicle is not available. You set when you are away camping yourself, any planned repair periods, and whether the vehicle is parked and stored over the winter. In this way, the renters see when your camping vehicle cannot be booked. A well-maintained and up-to-date calendar helps ensure that you don’t receive booking requests that don’t suit you, saving time for both you and the renters.

 In the calendar, you set when your camping vehicle is not available.
In the calendar, you set when your camping vehicle is not available.

3.Top-ratings of MyCamper

On average, renters at MyCamper are very satisfied with their experiences, with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. While the renters can rate you and your vehicle, you as an owner can also share your experiences with the renters and leave a review. In general, the owners are also very satisfied with the renters.

At MyCamper, we value that you feel safe when renting out your vehicle. That is why we carry out checks on tenants. In the Nordic countries, this is done with BankID, MitID, or some other form of secure identification. All renters are also verified with their email addresses.

When the renters come to get the camper, you check their driver’s license to confirm that they are the right person. We recommend taking a photo of it.

4. Share your passion for camping

By renting out your camping vehicle through MyCamper, you get to know like-minded people. According to a survey, more than 75% of the renters camp at least once a year, so they are experienced campers and not beginners. You can therefore share your passion for camping with other camping enthusiasts and we often hear from our community that they have found new friends through us. Maybe you’ll get to know new places and insider tips through your renters, or you can share your tips with them!

Although MyCamper is an online platform, we connect people in real life. Building these relationships and sharing our passion is what motivates us every day.

5. We are here if you need us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding renting out on MyCamper, do not hesitate to contact us. We have several years of experience and can definitely find a good solution together with you. Write to us at support@mycamper.com with your thoughts and your contact details, and we will respond as soon as we can.

You can also find answers to many questions in our extensive Help Center.

We are pleased to welcome you to MyCamper!