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“We became part of a family, everybody with motorhomes was happy and wanted to help us!”

, Jun 2, 2022, Reading time: 4 min
Reading time: 4 min

How does it really work to rent via MyCamper, formerly Housecar? We have met Karin Sundin who has camped a lot over the years, but in a tent most of the time. Last summer she felt it was time to advance to a motorhome – and rent via MyCamper.

Karin lives in Dalby together with her partner Jason and their two children. Last summer they were ready to try out a motorhome holiday and they did this through MyCamper!

– We thought it sounded very easy to rent a motorhome via MyCamper, it felt a bit like Airbnb for motorhomes. We wanted to try on a motorhome holiday, and then it felt perfect to test to rent via MyCamper, says Karin.

When Karin decided to rent via MyCamper, it was important that everything went as smoothly as possible because they work all day, have children and even a horse to take care of.

– There is a very good selection at MyCamper! We were looking for a motorhome that was nearby, so we didn’t have to go too far to pick it up. We felt that there were many different ones to choose from nearby, ranging from different sizes, vehicles that required different driving licenses to different brands, says Karin.

Karin thought that the process of renting via MyCamper was tourble-free. Even when she made a first contact, she could ask questions to the owner and get answers immediately.

– All the steps from first booking to check-in and check-out have worked very well for both parties, so there were no strange things at all, says Karin.

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She has many wonderful memories from her motorhome holiday, such as family-like culture among motorhome owners, where one was met with many happy greetings along the road.

– The thing I thought was very nice, was that everyone who has a motorhome are waving to each others on the road! In the beginning I thought that I maybe knew the person but didn’t have a chance to see who it was, but later I understood that all motorhomes waved to each others. It felt like you belonged to a family, says Karin.

Karin kör husbil

Karin has extensive experience of camping holidays in the past, and she experienced that there were many advantages to the motorhome life in comparison to camping in a tent. One of the advantages was the larger space, which made it easier for them as a family with kids, to be able to bring all the luggage with them.


– Holiday with a motorhome felt much more luxurious than camping in tent. It was easy to stay anywhere we wanted, without having to unfold a tent. You could easily make a quick stop and cook a meal in the motorhome and then continue driving. It was also quick to move from one place to another, so everything became much smoother with a motorhome. There were many cozy evenings were we grilled and spent time with the family, says Karin.

Renar i naturen

Karin thought that renting via MyCamper was a convenient way to test the motorhome life. What made the whole experience more personal, was the fact that it was the owners themselves who rented out their motorhome via MyCamper.

– I felt that the owner of the motorhome thought it was important that we had a good experience on our holiday. He was very knowledgeable and it was noticeable that he cared about his motorhome. We received a very good response from our out-renter and were able to ask questions and get good answers, says Karin.

Karin is completely sold when it comes to the motorhome life, as it was a wonderful culture all around during the whole motorhome holiday.

Rättviks camping

– I came there, and had almost never driven a motorhome, and I was trying to park it, and everyone was trying to help, and were so happy. You became part of a family, everyone with a motorhome was happy to help, says Karin.

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