Insurance information - Insurance by the owner

Summary of the key points
  • You can find out what insurance cover the camping vehicle has in the vehicle profile on MyCamper.
  • The insurance cover comes into effect automatically as soon as your journey begins.
  • The camping vehicle will have liability and comprehensive insurance cover in any case.
  • Roadside assistance, in the event that the vehicle will not start or if it has been damaged, may be covered by the owner. In this case the owner will inform you of what to do in the event of an emergency upon handover of the vehicle.

Coverage if the camper is covered by the owner's insurance

Area of applicability
In case of a claim
Deductible/bonus protection

Roadside assistance via the vehicle owner

Should roadside assistance already be covered in the owner's insurance, they will provide you with the necessary documents directly.

Area of applicability
In case of a breakdown

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