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  • Campervan
  •  i  Helsinki FI
    • 2 sovplatser
    • 3 sittplatser
    • Husdjur ej tillåtna
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    • Volkswagen
    • Transporter IV Umpikori 2.5 TDI
    • 1997
    • Manuell
    • Diesel
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    For end of the season 2023 offers, ask! I chose a private insurance solution and made some of the equipment optional. The insurance offers still a very good level of security for the renter. The optional equipment comes as follows: - Bottom sheet is included. Set of 2 pillows, 2 blankets, 2 sheets, 2 towels for 50€. After the first week, 30€/week. - bike rack 20€/week. - if you need bikes, I can add one or two for 10€/bike/day. Nothing fancy, but get you from A to B and are great for discovering the surroundings. (The bike rack is included with this solution) - One or two SUP-boards 5€/day - high chair (Ikea Antilop) for 10€ - maxi cosi (up to 13kg) for 20€ - I can arrange pick up and drop of at the airport or the main railway station for an extra charge of 40€/each These extras I will charge in cash or mobile pay at pickup, as for now, there is no option in mycamper for that. Please be prepared. :) Now to the basic information: - about traveling with three people, for example taking a baby/toddler/kid with you. There are three places in the car. The middle seat has a two-point safety belt only. You decide if it is ok for you that somebody has only a two point safety belt. - the bed is 120x200cm. - cooking with two very handy gas stoves. 2 bottles of gas/cooker/week are included. If you need more, you find the bottles for around 2€ in a lot of stores, Biltema, Motonet, etc. - Good set of kettles, pans, plates etc. - "Hobo stove" for grilling and cooking, in which you can burn small wood, charcoal, cones or such. - electricity for the fridge and loading electronically devices while camping comes from a small power station. The power station has 12V car socket outlet, USB A and -C. It has a capacity for the fridge for around one day at 6 degrees, maybe the second is at 10 degrees etc. You can load the power station via normal wall outlet, while driving through the 12V car socket, or with the foldable solar panel. It should be possible to live off-grid just fine if you take care of catching sunlight with the panel, and, of course, always charge while driving.. - you can communicate with the fridge through Frezzers own bluetooth app. Can come in handy while driving and wondering how your food is doing behind the wall. :D - two hammocks - Chemical camping toilet. Mostly we have been able to use public toilets, often there are also some next to popular camper van spots, beaches etc. The chemical toilet we have used only for "number one" without chemicals or such. You can use the chemical stuff if you want to. - for the shower, two options: a black bag that warms up in the sun and can be hung up somewhere and then the water flows freely. Quite low pressure. Second option is an electric shower that you just put in the water. Good pressure. Maybe you can combine both... warming up the water in the black bag, and then use the electric shower with good pressure. - The heating is in the test phase. It is very powerful, and a lot too warm in the summer even at its smallest (outside 12 degrees, inside 35 degrees..). So probably in the summer no need for the heating, but maybe an option on a rainy day for an hour or two, to dry your clothes. The starting phase of the diesel heater is on the edge of the capacity of the power station, so it sometimes turns off a minute or a few after launch and needs to be restarted. Until now, it has started every time on the first, second or at least the third try. In any case: unplug all other equipment from the power station for the start. After the power intensive start, the power consumption drops drastically, no problem after that, and you can plug in the other electricity consuming stuff. EDIT: I added a "buffer" made out of stones. You can see it in one of the last picture. This slows down the heating and keeps warmth when you shut the heater down. I reckon this could be a game changer. Let me know about your experiences! - Tarp and tarp poles as sun and rain shelter.


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    Ready for your next adventure? Look no further than Pokémon, our legendary 1997 Transporter T4 compact camper van! With seating for 3 and sleeping space for 2, Pokémon is the perfect choice for couples or small groups who want to explore the great outdoors in style. Pokémon may be compact, but he's packed with all the features you need for a comfortable and convenient journey. His cozy double bed, fully equipped kitchenette with a gas stove and fridge, and ample storage space make him the perfect home away from home. Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a weekend camping trip with friends, or a road trip to your favorite festival, Pokémon is the perfect choice. So why wait? Book now and start making memories that will last a lifetime in our legendary Transporter T4 compact camper van, Pokémon! - for dates later than September, ask! It is possible that we drive the van to Southern Europe in October or November. Where it is possible to also make a trip and rent Pokémon. - Check-in/Pick-up in Käpylä, Helsinki, or Nikkilä, Sipoo, are the preferred ones. If you have other needs, ask, we sure can figure something out. - if Pokémon is not free for your preferred dates, check "Shtisel". That's the green camper van in the last picture. You find it in Mycamper as well. Not as fancy, no heating (which I think you don't need in summer anyways), but also a bit cheaper, and with a bed of 160x200 instead of 120x200. We travel with a baby of now about a year old, and our choice - because of the bed- is, whenever possible, Shtisel.


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