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Olov och Karin vid sin husbil
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“This way the motorhome gets out on the roads significantly more!”

How does it work to rent out your motorhome via MyCamper, formerly Housecar? We met Olov Hertz, who was one of the first people to use MyCamper’s services when we started the company a few years ago.

Olov lives in Bälinge with his wife Karin and their cat. Olov and Karin have had a motorhome since Easter 2015 and a few years ago they came in contact with MyCamper and have been loyal customers ever since.

– I got a lot of trust in MyCamper right from the beginning, so for me it was no problem to hand over the motorhome to their rental business, Olov says.

When Olov receives a request, he knows that MyCamper has already carried out a thorough background check on the renter.

– With the background checks, I am sure that the renters have an approved driving license and have no payment remarks. It makes me feel safe in renting out my motorhome to that person, says Olov.

It’s not only MyCamper’s renters who want to take part in Olov’s motorhome, but it is also a real favorite with his grandchildren.

– We have some who will rent in July and some in August, in between our sons will borrow it, which our grandchildren love. Olov says with a big smile.

Olov i förarsätet invändigt

Although Olov, his wife and their sons with their respective families use the motorhome a lot during the summers, it is unused for long periods. Therefore, Houscar’s rental service was perfect for Olov.

– It feels good when the motorhome comes out on the roads even when we in the family do not use it. Both for the wallet but also because another family can enjoy my motorhome, says Olov.

During his years with MyCamper, Olov has never experienced any problems with those who have rented his motorhome. All check-ins and check-outs have worked well over the years.

If you think something is good, you also want to recommend it to others, which I have! I have recommended MyCamper for friends who also have motorhomes and they are also very happy with how it has worked, says Olov.

Olov i förarsätet utifrån

At MyCamper, you as an owner are securely insured via Omocom. This includes protection for you as the owner if you are forced to cancel a future rental period or if the vehicle is not returned. All renters also pay a deposit to the owner before the rental period in case something should break.

– If you rent out a motorhome, which is worth quite a lot of money, you want to be sure that you get the vehicle back in the same condition as you handed it out. As I said, there are some families who want to rent my motorhome and accidents can happen. Although I must add that there hasn’t been any problems with those who have rented from me, says Olov.

MyCamper has a customer support that you can always contact if you have any questions or if something goes wrong. Olov remembers an incident where he happened to write a number that was too high at check-out and needed to contact MyCamper to fix the issue.

– When the renter called me about the high number and asked me if it could really be true, I could immediately see that it was a far too high charge. I contacted MyCamper and told them what had happened. There was no problems and it was fixed immediately, says Olov.

Olov thinks it’s extra fun and he is proud when the renters return and want to book his motorhome again.

– You have a certain responsibility as an owner to treat the renters in a good way, so it’s fun when they come back and want to rent it one more time, both for me and my motorhome!

Olov och Karin vid sin husbil

If you want to do as Olov and rent out your motorhome through us, you can read more here. Or do you think that Olov seems nice and want to rent from him or from one of our other nice owners av våra andra trevliga ägare at MyCamper?

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