Fiat Matkailuauto

  • Matkailuauto
  •  in  Tampere FI
    • 4 vuodepaikkaa
    • 4 istumapaikkaa
    • Kotieläimet sallittuja
  • Matkailuauto
  •  in  Tampere FI
    • 4 vuodepaikkaa
    • 4 istumapaikkaa
    • Kotieläimet sallittuja
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    Vehicle data

    The vehicle is rented out by a company

    • Fiat
    • Adria Compact Supreme
    • 2022
    • Automaatti
    • Diesel
    • Kyllä
    • Kyllä
    • Nastarenkaat


    • Jääkaappi
    • Pakastin
    • Liesi
    • Kahvinkeitin
    • Keittiövarustus
    • Lämmin käyttövesi
    • Suihku
    • WC - Tyhjennys

    Additional equipment

    Pillows, blankets and bedlinnen possible to order as extra

    Rental terms

  • 23 vuotta
  • Parking spot for renter’s car available
  • noin 15:00
  • noin 12:00
  • About the vehicle

    A fresh Adria Compact Supreme with superior equipments ready for both summer and winter adventures! Sleeping and and seating for four persons. At the back of the car there are two longside beds that can be attached together to form a single large bed for two adults and one child. A big trunk accessible from both sides of the car. Powerful 140 hp engine with 9 gear automatic gear box. Adria Compact is rather fresh member among Adria models. With 212 cm width, 6,79 m length and straight walls/sides it is much more spacy than camper vans but still agile and possible to drive to smaller spaces than bigger motor homes. It servers the best as a luxurious camper van for two adults but can accommodate up to four persons. Equipment level is Supreme, the best Adria offers. User guidance is given when car is handed to a customer. This should take ca. 45-60 minutes and is mandatory to guarantee safe and enjoyable trip


      Comprehensive cover from the vehicle owner

      The vehicle is insured via the owner's insurance. In case of non-motorised camping vehicles (caravans), the liability is covered via the towing vehicle.

    • Lähitapiola
    • Included in the rental costs
    • 1 200 EUR


    • 500 EUR
    • 0 EUR
    • 4,0 EUR / day
    • 286 km / yö
    • 0,33 EUR / km


  • Cancel for free up to 60 days prior to the trip
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    Location of vehicle

    From 130 EUR per night
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