Maria's Iveco Motorhome

  • Motorhome
  •  in  Etnedal NO
    • 2 sleeping spots
    • 3 seats
    • Pets allowed
  • Motorhome
  •  in  Etnedal NO
    • 2 sleeping spots
    • 3 seats
    • Pets allowed
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    The owner has 24h to accept your booking request
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    Vehicle data

    • Iveco
    • 35.10
    • 1994
    • Manual
    • Diesel
    • No
    • No
    • No


    • Fridge
    • Cooking plate
    • Coffee machine
    • Kitchen equipment
    • Toilet - Emptying
    • Aux-port
    • Heating
    • Blackout curtains

    Rental terms

  • 28 years
  • Parking spot for renter’s car available
  • approx. 15:00
  • approx. 13:00
  • About the vehicle

    My camper, Lasse, is an old and charming caravan, self built and from 1994. The interior is light and charming, and the exterior is painted, for a retro vibe. You will find it parked in Valdres, Norway. 2,5 hrs from Oslo, but more then half way to famous Jotunheimen! Lasse is fun to drive, and gives you full overview of the roads and beautiful scenery. As the camper is from 1994, this also includes some quirks, such as no air condition, poor speakers in the drivers cab, drives quite slowly, and it can get quite loud while driving. Especially when driving with the windows open. Max speed is about 70-80 kmt. It is quite slow but then again, isn´t that what vacation is all about? The motor is in perfect condition, so it makes it most everywhere. Steep hills are slow, but not a problem. The speedometer is not showing the speed, so i would recommend downloading the app Waze as this is both directions and speedometer in one. I recommend setting the rout to avoid big highways for a better view of the country and experience driving this old boy. The bed is 120x198. The seating makes an additional bed and can be made into a 80x198 cm bed. I will supply duvets and pillows, but i will need notification if you also need towels and bedding. Getting to the camper without a car: Bus from Oslo, take the buss from Oslo to Dokka, and then to Tonsåsen, it is either the same bus, or a different bus from Dokka.


      Omocom insurance

      The Omocom insurance is a tailor-made, comprehensive insurance solution that covers damage, loss and theft during the rental period.

    • Included in the rental costs
    • Included in the rental costs
    • EUR 1,361.43 (Price converted from NOK 16,000.00)
    • Can be reduced to EUR 255.27. (Price converted from NOK 3,000.00)

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    • EUR 425
    • EUR 68
    • EUR 3.4 / day
    • 143 km / night
    • EUR 0.19/ km


  • Cancel for free up to 60 days prior to the trip
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    Safe with MyCamper and
    Insurance via Omocom included
    Roadside assistance via RedGo/Falck included

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