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Rent caravans in Switzerland

Rent a caravan safely and securely. Insurance is automatically included for privately owned vehicles.

Caravan: Apartment on the road

The caravan is a motor-driven trailer that does not have its own drive. Therefore, the caravan is always towed by an additional vehicle. In the caravan you will find a complete apartment with up to 7 sleeping places - often 2 to 3 bunk beds for children, a fixed double bed and a double bed from the converted seating group. The basic equipment includes a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, sink and a bathroom with toilet and shower.

From mini to luxury caravans

The most common type of caravans is the classic version, which can be roughly divided into these 3 types: 

  • The touring or travel caravan can be moved by an ordinary passenger car. On average, it is about 2.5 meters wide, 2 meters high and 6 meters long.
  • The mini-caravan is available in numerous forms and variants. It is particularly suitable when space is limited and the drawing vehicle has low power output.
  • The large or luxury caravan can only be towed with a powerful vehicle. The dimensions can vary greatly, often it has a tandem axle in the middle. The interior is usually of high quality and luxurious with expensive materials.

Other interesting versions are the teardrop trailer, the folding caravan or the tent folding caravan. Popular caravan manufacturers are Eriba, Fendt, Dethleffs, Hobby, Bürstner or Tabbert.

Unique construction - ideal for campsite visitors

The caravan is suitable for travelers who prefer the additional mobility of a car and need a lot of space without constantly changing the interior design. If the total weight of the car and caravan is less than 3.5 tons, a driving licence category B is sufficient, otherwise driving licence category BE is required. There is also a speed limit of 80 or 100 km/h in most countries.

  • Stationary campers enjoy the advantage of being able to set up the caravan once during their stay at the campsite
  • For young families with small children it is practical to get used to a place and meet other campers
  • Day trippers can easily explore the surroundings by car and find a parking lot
  • Pet owners have enough space to travel with their pets

The history of the caravan

Numerous predecessors of the caravan find their origin already before Christ, when they were still pulled by horses or ox. The luxury caravan spread with Gordon Stables, the "Gentleman Gypsy", who designed a model with an exclusive interior in 1885. In 1931 Arist Dethleffs built the first caravan with three sleeping berths and an elevating roof, which was then produced in series.

The caravan became very popular from 1950 onwards, when it became a status symbol in the GDR. The caravan industry experienced strong growth and competition until the beginning of the 70's when demand exceeded supply in the mid 80's.

In the meantime, caravans are fully equipped with complete bathrooms, TV and kitchen equipment including refrigerator. Now there are even maneuvering aids to park the caravan with a remote control.

Rent a caravan

Renting a caravan is a convenient and affordable option, especially for families or couples who want to spend their vacations at a campsite. At MyCamper, various models of caravans can be rented from private individuals - fully comprehensive insurance included. From large Bürstner caravans and sweet Tabbert Teardrop trailers to stylish old-timer caravans from Eriba or Constructam - you´ll find everything you are looking for.