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Rent campervans in Switzerland

Rent a campervan safely and securely. Insurance is automatically included for privately owned vehicles.

Campervan: Compact and flexible

The interior of the campervan is equipped with sleeping spots and cooking equipment for living purposes. Usually there are 2 sleeping spots, for models with elevating roof there are 2 additional sleeping spots. This motor vehicle is the smallest and most compact type of mobile homes. With a height of up to 2 meters it can often be parked in underground garages or on regular parking lots.

The star and the most popular models

Volkswagen is the most successful campervan manufacturer and is at the forefront of with its VW California. Within the last decades other manufacturers have followed. Therefore, other popular models such as the Mercedes Marco Polo, Ford Nugget or the Pössl Vanster have been produced.

Self built campervans

The container van is considered a subcategory of campervans and are considered as a true trendsetter. The base vehicle is a delivery van or pickup van, which has been converted into a mobile home together with its chassis, engine and body. It is larger and longer than a campervan and often contains a full-sized bathroom. Popular models are the Fiat Ducato, the Citroën Jumper, the Peugeot Boxter, the Mercedes Sprinter or, more recently, the VW Crafter.

Likewise, vans such as the Renault Traffic, Opel Vivaro, Ford Transit or the Mercedes-Benz Vito have proven themselves in recent years as suitable base vehicles for expansion.

Creativity without limits

The freedom in interior design does justice to the trend towards more individuality and creativity - the range extends from simple and affordable interior design to fine craftsmanship. Would you like to convert your vehicle into a camper as well? In our #Pimp My Camper series the DIY-guide Lukas teaches you the technical know-how.

The optimal companion for freedom lovers

The campervan is suitable for everyday use and can be steered similar to a car. With this flexibility you can drive on narrow roads and experience nature in a very intensive way. It is suitable for various people who have a driving licence category B: 

  • Young couples have enough space to enjoy togetherness
  • Sportmen or sportwomen benefit from the full flexibility of the campervan - they can reach remote places without any problems - biking vacations in Switzerland or surfing in Portugal or paragliding are no problem.
  • Nostalgic people can escape from mass tourism and experience travel in a minimalist way with a minimum of luggage.
  • Individuals can embark on a journey without worries, they do not need a second person to assist them in reversing or maneuvering.

The history of the campervan

The campervan is considered the archetype of the caravan and has developed into a cult vehicle since the 50s with its famous representative, the VW Bulli. From 1967 onwards, especially the VW T2 and VW T3 stood for adventure and independence and served sportsmen, hippies or families for long journeys over generations. The VW bus even experienced several film appearances like in Mythbusters or Little Miss Sunshine. These models were designed as small buses, container vans or platform trucks.

Meanwhile, the competition grew, including the Caravano from Hymer, and from the 1980s onwards, more and more container vans were developed for residential purposes. These offered more driving comfort and were more economical in consumption than motorhomes. In the meantime, modern campervans usually have a fixed high roof or a pop-up roof. This makes it possible to stand in the vehicle or to add two more sleeping spots.

Rent a camper

Renting a van meets the spirit of the Vanlifers. Starting an adventurous roadtrip, feeling free and discovering nature - with stylishly converted interiors or particularly comfortable models with elevating roofs. On MyCamper there is the right model for every taste, including unique pieces such as VW retro buses or converted fire engines. More than 650 campervans from private owners can be rented from MyCamper.