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This way you become a top owner at MyCamper

, Dec 19, 2022, Reading time: 8 min
Reading time: 8 min

Do you want to become top owner at MyCamper? By giving clear instructions to the renter and by using a short user guide and an equipment list, you will go a long way. Read our tips on how to rent out smoothly and succeed with the first check-in.

For the renter the most is new

Many people who rent a motorhome, campervan or caravan have never driven or lived in a camping vehicle before, which means that much is new and unfamiliar. Even for those who have tried the camping life before, much can be unfamiliar in your motorhome or caravan. After all, there is a lot that differs from vehicle to vehicle.

When you get used to your own motorhome or caravan, it’s easy to think that everything is simple, but if you think back to the first few times, you can surely remember how it was in the beginning. There are many buttons, hatches and functions to keep track on for the newbie. To make it easier for the renter, and to reduce the risk of something going wrong at the same time, you kan make a short user guide, which you go through together and which you can then hand over.

A man sits with a beer in hand in the doorway to the living area of a motorhome

Make a short user guide for the motorhome or caravan

A short user guide with clear instructions makes the renter’s everyday life easier while reducing the risk of unnecessary mistakes and damage to your vehicle. You can construct your user guide as you wish, but if you want, you can use the following tips.

Write your user guide on the computer, add some photos, then print it out and take with you to the check-in. During the check-in, you can go through the user guide together with the renter, and then hand it over to them. For the renter, who during the check-in is given a lot of information at once, it can be nice to be able to read the information in peace and quiet at a later time.

Electricity and energy sources

Describe the energy sources that are available, how to check energy levels, how to charge/fill up and how to use the various functions. The following headings can be included in your user guide:

  • Electric cables 
  • Batteries
  • Solar cells
  • Generator
  • Inverter/voltage converter
  • Filling up with fuel (diesel or petrol)
  • Gasol, LPG

Heating and water

Describe how the heating and water work, how to check the levels and how to fill up. You can use for example these headings:

  • Heating
  • Warmwater
  • Ventilation/AC
  • Freshwater 

Kitchen and cooking

Describe to the renter how the fridge, freezer, stove and possible oven work. Don’t forget to tell if, for example, the fridge should be set on different energy sources depending on wether the vehicle is standing still, running or connected to electricity. Here are some suggestions for headings:

  • Fridge and freezer
  • Stove
  • Oven/omnia
  • Grill

Toilet and bathroom

Explain how the toilet and shower work and don’t forget to tell which products can be used to keep things fresh and reduce unwanted odours. Use for example there headings:

  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Detergent


Write an instruction for how the renter empties wastewater (grey water), toilet (black water) and rubbish. Preferably, show with pictures where different hatches and switches are located. Here are suggestions for headings:

  • Emptying wastewater
  • Emptying toilet
  • Emptying rubbish

Safety equipment

When someone rents your motorhome, campervan or caravan, it is of course important that they know where to find safety equipment such as fire extinguishers or fire blankets. Here are suggestions for headings for your user guide:

  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket
  • Safety box
  • Alarm 

Other equipment

Perhaps you have even more equipment in your camping vehicle that may need information or explanation. Here are some examples for headings:

  • Awning
  • Blackout curtains/mosquito nets
  • Bicycle rack
  • GPS
  • Sound system

Renter’s checklist before departure

Write a list of what the renter should think about before they drive off with the motorhome or caravan after an overnight stay. Give advice that the list can be put on the steering wheel so that the renter doesn’t forget anything before it is time to drive away. The list may include for example:

  • Close doors and cupboards
  • Take care of loose objects
  • Close windows and roof hatches
  • Fold down/pack up the awning
  • Take in the power cable
  • Pick up outdoor furniture and other outdoor items
  • Raise the support legs
  • At the campsite: Return keys and cards
  • If possible: Take the opportunity to empty the toilet, waste water and rubbish
Several motorhomes and a caravan on grass by a lake

Clean the motorhome/caravan

Before you rent out your motorhome or caravan, you should make sure that it is clean. You can describe exactly how the cleaning is to be done in your advertisement, but in most cases the general cleaning is done by the renter. This means that the renter, before they return the vehicle, empties the fridge and freezer, wipes up spills and empties the rubbish, toilet and wastewater tank. Before you rent the vehicle to a new renter, you need to do a thorough cleaning, which means you should also:

  • Vacuum
  • Wet-wipe surfaces
  • Clean bathroom and toilet
  • If necessary, clean or wash textiles
  • Wash the outside of the motorhome/caravan

You can read even more about cleaning, as well as how to find emptying stations for motorhomes and caravans, in this article.

Bathroom, with sink and toilet, in a motorhome

Go through the equipment

You, as an owner, have already written an equipment list that can be found in your advertisement. This means that, according to the agreement, you are obliged to ensure that this equipment is available and working. If the promised equipment is not available, or can not be used as intended, the renter has the right to cancel their booking, which means that you lose your income. Therefore it is advisable to regularly go through the equipment!

Before each new rental, you should go through your equipment list and test that everything is working as it should. That way, you avoid dissatisfied renters and get better reviews, which gives you more and better rentals in the future!

Fill up the liquids

In addition to the equipment list, it is good to check if you need to stock up on various liquids. Here are some you may want to check and fill up:

  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Oil
  • Diesel or petrol
  • Adblue (liquid for diesel engines to reduce emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides)
  • Gasol, LPG
  • Freshwater
  • Detergent
  • Chemicals for toilet cassette
  • Washing-up liquid
Plates and glasses in a drawer in a camping kitchen

5 tips for a successful check-in

A successful check-in feels good for both owner and renter. The owner feels safe to hand over their vehicle and the renter feels safe to use it. So, how to complete a successful check-in?

  1. Prepare yourself with a short user guide and equipment list. Check-in goes more smoothly and there is less risk that you will miss something important when you have documents to follow. For the renter, there is a lot of information to take in at once, and it is therefore wonderful to be able to take a written reminder with them.
  2. Reserve enough time. A check-in takes 1-2 hours when done properly. Go through all functions carefully with the renter and ensure that they have understood the information.
  3. Agree about expectations before check-out. Agree on time and place of the check-out, and go through the rules for how refuelling and cleaning should be done by the renter.
  4. Mark the fuel tank cap and the water tank cap, so that it is clear which is which, for example with a piece of tape. Also mark the type of fuel, wether it is petrol or diesel. 
  5. End with some tips for the journey.  If the renter is new to camping vehicles, tips are extra welcome. You can remind them to remember to close the roof hatch, to look out for low tunnels or give your best tips on apps for finding stopover sites. Please, ask the renter also read this list of words and expressions from camping world. 

Do the “little extra” to become a top owner

Do you want to become a top owner? Keep in mind that it is often a matter of being clear in communication, so that everyone knows what is expected. Also keep in mind that for the first-time renter there is a lot to think about, and it isn’t always so easy. Being kind and understanding means that the first experience of a motorhome or caravan can be so much better.

Want to take one more step? Then you can choose to “overdeliver”. Small luxurious gestures like a piece of chocolate on the pillow or a mini bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge can take you as an owner from good to great!

Campervan at sunset, by a lake