Rent a caravan in Sweden

Rent a caravan safely and securely. Insurance is automatically included for privately owned vehicles.

Rent a caravan in Sweden through MyCamper

Through MyCamper you can rent a caravan in Sweden directly from private owners. You will then have the chance to realize your dreams of taking the cabin with you on the journey, whether you travel around Sweden or drive down to southern latitudes and discover Europe, one campsite at a time. Many caravan enthusiasts testify that they have met many like-minded people during the caravan holiday and formed friendships that extend far beyond the campsite.

Cheap and good for the climate

Strike a blow for an environmentally conscious traveler with fewer flights and choose a caravan holiday in Sweden instead. It is in the simple life that unforgettable memories are created and during the caravan holiday you can let the form of the day and the weather guide your journey. It is a life of freedom, close to nature. Since modern caravans have all the necessities, such as a toilet and kitchen, there are all the prerequisites for the trip to be both comfortable and cheap. MyCamper makes it possible for more people to take part in caravan life at a low price, and ensures that functional caravans that are not otherwise used will be used. Happy Holidays!


Can passengers ride in a towed caravan?
It is illegal to ride in a towed caravan and also extremely dangerous. Instability could cause a serious accident so it’s important to not have passengers in a towed caravan while driving.
What does it cost to rent a caravan in Sweden?
The cost of renting a caravan varies. It depends on when in the year you want to rent and what type of caravan it is. A caravan with 4 beds often costs between SEK 3,000 to 7,000 per week to rent.
Where do I rent a caravan in Sweden?
At MyCamper we have caravans throughout the country and also in Finland and Norway. Here it is easy to find a caravan that suits you and you can be safe as insurance is included automatically.