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Öland with motorhome or caravan — 15 places you need to visit

, Aug 19, 2022, Reading time: 9 min
Reading time: 9 min

Experience lovely Öland with a motorhome or caravan! The island that is usually called “The island of the sun and winds” is a fantastic summer destination with long white sandy beaches, beautiful nature and a long list of exciting sights that you don’t want to miss during your vacation.

Travel guide to Öland for you with a motorhome or caravan

This travel guide offers tips for those who want to experience Öland with a motorhome or caravan. Further down in the guide you will find tips on nice campsites and pitches, which you can use as a starting point to experience different parts of the island. Keep in mind that popular places can get full during high season. At campsites, you can book a place in advance. Pitches often cannot be reserved, but if you arrive early in the day, it is easier to find an available spot.

wild camping can sometimes be possible, but note that Öland has 91 nature reserves and large areas of fragile nature, which means you are not allowed to drive or park anywhere. Here you can read more about wild camping in general. To find out more about what applies specifically to Öland, there is a folder produced by Öland’s Tourism Organization. The folder is called “Motorhome on Öland – your guide to a wonderful motorhome holiday on the island of the sun and winds” and can be found at campsites and pitches on Öland, as well as at the Tourist Offices in Borgholm, Färjestaden and Kalmar.

 Caravans with awnings on campsites

Sights on Öland – fifteen places you don’t want to miss

We recommend attractions on Öland and other exciting places that you don’t want to miss when visiting. The locations are starting in the southern part of the island and we then travel north along the east coast, to finish at Färjestaden, where the bridge goes to Kalmar. The whole route is about 300 kilometers, but how much time you need is entirely up to you. Anything from a few days up to several weeks can be adequate. Here you will find fifteen exciting sights and places that you don’t want to miss during your trip.

1. Stora Alvaret and southern Öland’s farming landscape

Stora Alvaret is a 37 kilometer long and 15 kilometer wide area of ​​alvar land, which you will find on the southern part of the island. If you want to discover this part of Öland, you can advantageously set out along one of the hiking trails that are available here. On the southern part of the island, you will also find Southern Öland’s agricultural landscape, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, in the category of living cultural landscape.

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2. Öland’s southern cape and the Långe Jan lighthouse

Öland’s southern cape offers a very special landscape with open expanses and animals that roam freely. Here is the nature reserve Ottenby, which is known as one of Sweden’s best birding areas. At the nature reserve you can also see harbor seals and visit Naturum Ottenby. In addition, you can see the Långe Jan lighthouse, which is Sweden’s tallest lighthouse and one of the country’s oldest.

 White and black lighthouse

3. Eketorp castle

On Öland there is a long line of ancient castles, but the only one of them that has been recreated to resemble its original appearance is Eketorp’s castle. Here it is shown how the settlement may once have looked, and in the summers many fun activities are arranged for children and adults.

 Reconstructed ancient castle

4. Gråborg

The ancient castle Gråborg is the largest of all Öland’s ruins after ancient castles. Roman gold coins have been found here, which tell us about ancient times that housed both wealth and long-distance travel. Right next to the castle, in Borgs by, you can also visit the ruins of Saint Knut’s chapel, which was built at the end of the 12th century.

 Ruins of ancient castle

5. The mill row in Lerkaka

Öland is known for its windmills and if you want to see many at once, “Kvarnraden i Lerkaka” is a perfect stop. Here is a long line of windmills along the road.

Several windmills in a row, along a road

6. Öland’s museum Himmelsberga

Öland’s museum Himmelsberga is a fine and well-kept open-air museum that showcases an ancient Öland radby. Here you can learn about how life used to be in the old times on Öland. In addition, there is an art gallery, a trade stall and a cozy little café.

7. Ismanstorp’s ancient castle

Another exciting ancient castle on Öland is the one called “Ismanstorp’s castle”. This is the ruin of a mighty ring castle that was built and used between 300 and 600 AD, and which, when it was built, was inspired by both Roman military camps and Old Norse mythology. Inside the castle are the remains of no less than 95 house plots.

8. Sturgeon mills

If you want to see even more Öland mills, you can stop in Störlinge, where seven fine red mills are lined up. Right next door you will also find the Störlinge Agricultural and Motor Museum, with around 2,500 objects.

9. Trollskogen and Böda forest railway

Just north of Böda in northern Öland lies the lovely Trollskogen. Here you are met by gnarled trees, nice hiking trails and Naturum, where you can learn more about animals and nature. By the Trollskogen is also the Böda Forest Railway, which in summer usually offers charming tours with the train.

10. Öland’s northern cape and the Långe Erik lighthouse

At the northern tip of Öland is the Långe Erik lighthouse, which was built in the mid-19th century and is today a building monument. If you want to get a great view of the area, you can take the stairs up the 32 meter high tower.

11. Blue Maiden

Blå Jungfrun is an isolated and mythical island, which in folklore has become the witches’ “Blåkulla”. The beautiful grey-blue island is also a national park with a rich bird life. If you want to make a nice and slightly special excursion, you can take a trip here by boat from Byxelkrok, where you will also find a guest harbor with a fish shop and restaurants.

12. Byrum’s raukar

Did you think raukar are only found on Gotland? Then you haven’t been to Byrum on Öland. Here is Öland’s most famous and perhaps most fascinating area with rauks. Nearby, you can also take the opportunity to sunbathe and swim, for example on the fine sandy beach in Byrum-Sandvik.

13. Borgholm Castle

Borgholm Castle was built in the 13th century, and in the 17th century Karl X Gustav had the castle rebuilt into an impressive baroque palace. Today, the castle is a mighty and well-preserved ruin, which is well worth a visit. In addition to being fascinated by the castle, you can enjoy the view of the sea and visit the interesting museum that tells about the history of the castle.

14. Solliden

Solliden Castle is the Swedish royal family’s private summer residence. The residence itself cannot be visited, but most of the beautiful garden is open to the public. Sometimes different exhibitions are shown and you can also sit down for a coffee at Kaffetorpet.

15. Öland’s zoo and amusement park

For those of you traveling with children, Öland’s animal and amusement park can be an appreciated stop during your trip to Öland. Here you can see animals from all over the world, but also experience water parks and amusement parks.

Campsites on Öland

There are plenty of campsites on Öland, and many are located in scenic locations along the coasts. Here you will find tips on some nice places to visit with a motorhome or caravan.

Böda Sand Camping in Löttorp

Böda Sand is Sweden’s largest campsite, and is nicely located on a long sandy beach. The campsite is well maintained and offers restaurants, shops, pools and many different activities.

Address: Bödasandsallén 11, Löttorp

Sonja’s Camping in Löttorp

Sonjas Camping is a nice and very popular family campsite with a nice sandy beach, restaurant and pools.

Address: John Emils gata 43, Löttorp

Tokenäs camping in Byxelkrok

Tokenäs camping in Byxelkrok is a simple, pleasant and personal campsite, with a short walking distance to the sea.

Address: Enerumsvägen, Byxelkrok

Kapelluddens camping ni Borgholm

Kapelludden’s campsite in Borgholm is a large campsite, with a nice location by the water. From the campsite you have walking distance to central Borgholm.

Address: Sandgatan 27, Borgholm

First Camp Ekerum

First Camp Ekerum is a large and scenic campsite, right next to Kalmarsund and the nature reserve Halltorps Hage.

Address: Ekerumsvägen 31, Borgholm

Rest areas on Öland

There are also many rest areas on Öland, where you can stay with a motorhome or campervan. Here you will find tips on some nice places.

Rest area Drottning Öda

Drottning Öda is a nice little pitch that is perfect for visiting Eketorp Castle. Here you will find the service you need, as well as electricity in some of the locations.

Address: Össby 208, Degerhamn

Böda port rest area in Löttorp

Böda Hamn’s parking lot in Löttorp offers overnight accommodation close to the sea. There are service houses and electricity at some of the locations.

Address: Bödahamnsvägen 47, Löttorp

Bläsinge harbour

In Bläsinge harbour, there are nice rest areas in the harbour, with a view of the water. Additional seats are located higher up, on a grass field. Electricity is available in some of the locations.

Address: Bläsinge hamn, Hagby-Bläsinge

Rest area Byxelkrok harbour

At the harbor in Byxelkrok there is a rest area with space for 17 mobile homes. Service in the form of emptying tanks is available, but electricity is not available.

Address: Neptunivägen 11, Byxelkrok

Rest area Kårehamn

Kårehamn rest area offers a quiet and nice location in a fishing port. There is a fish shop and restaurant as well as service for mobile homes.

Address: Kårehamnsvägen 83, Köpingsvik