Uli's Iveco Muu retkeilyajoneuvo

  • Muu retkeilyajoneuvo
  •  in  Cham CH
    • 5 vuodepaikkaa
    • 7 istumapaikkaa
    • Kotieläimet eivät ole sallittuja
  • Muu retkeilyajoneuvo
  •  in  Cham CH
    • 5 vuodepaikkaa
    • 7 istumapaikkaa
    • Kotieläimet eivät ole sallittuja
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    Vehicle data

    • Iveco
    • Daily 55S17W 4X4
    • 2012
    • Manuaali


    • Jääkaappi
    • Pakastin
    • Liesi
    • Keittiövarustus

    Rental terms

  • 25 vuotta
  • Parking spot for renter’s car available
  • noin 15:00
  • noin 10:00
  • About the vehicle

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    Familien taugliches, autarkes Fernreisemobil für lange Reisen, auch im Winter. Sehr viel Stauraum im Keller und in den Schränken. Achtung, Führerschein Kat C1 nötig Es muss mindestens ein halber Tag eingerechnet werden für die Einweisung. Box hinten (2 Betten) kann entfernt werden und Velo/ Motorradträger kann montiert werden.


      Baloise insurance

      Baloise insurance includes liability and comprehensive cover. In case of a caravan, the liability insurance has to be covered by the policy for the towing vehicle.

    • Included in the rental costs
    • Not included; can be added during the booking process
    • Included in the rental costs
    • EUR 2,049.76 (Price converted from CHF 2,000.00)
    • Can be reduced to EUR 204.98. (Price converted from CHF 200.00)

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    • 2 562 EUR
    • 0 EUR
    • EUR 4.1 / day
    • 250 km / yö
    • 0,00 EUR / km


  • In case of cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the trip, the total amount will be charged.
  • Owner

    You rent from Uli
    Photo of Uli


    Location of vehicle

    From EUR 419 per night
    From To
    Secure payments. You won't be charged yet.
    Safe with MyCamper and
    Insurance via Baloise included
    Roadside assistance and additional insurances can be added during the booking request process, if not already included.

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