Joshua Dudley + Joy's BaumannBusBau Campervan

  • Campervan
  •  in  Bolligen CH
    • 2 sovplatser
    • 4 sittplatser
    • Husdjur ej tillåtna
  • Campervan
  •  in  Bolligen CH
    • 2 sovplatser
    • 4 sittplatser
    • Husdjur ej tillåtna
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    Vehicle data

    • BaumannBusBau
    • Transporter 5
    • 2004
    • Automat
    • Diesel
    • Friktionsdäck
    • Nej
    • Nej


    • AC i bodel
    • AC i förarhytt
    • CD-spelare
    • Mörkläggningsgardiner
    • Utemöbler

    Rental terms

  • 20 år
  • Parking spot for renter’s car is not available
  • ca. 15:00
  • ca. 10:00
  • About the vehicle

    Our bus will get you to your next experience. Its designed and equipped for people in search of adventure. Such as a surf trip to France, climbing in the mountains, snowboarding fresh powder, cycling through the wilderness or a weekend camping trip. It has plenty of room for two people and equipment. *Large full size double bed. *Luggage Compartment (designed for carry-on suitcases *Sliding table & Kitchen Draw *4 Storage Boxes *Compartment for 3 surfboards (or other long sporting equipment). *Industrial Roof Rack (for bikes, more surfboards, and/or additional cargo) Mechanical Features: *Tow hook *Cruise Control *Anti-Sliding (TCS) For more questions please contact us. Greeting from the Hindes


      Baloise insurance

      Baloise insurance includes liability and comprehensive cover. In case of a caravan, the liability insurance has to be covered by the policy for the towing vehicle.

    • Included in the rental costs
    • Not included; can be added during the booking process
    • Included in the rental costs
    • 23 973 SEK (Price converted from 2 000 CHF)
    • Can be reduced to 2 397 SEK. (Price converted from 200 CHF)

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    • 11 986 SEK
    • 0 SEK
    • 48 SEK / day
    • 250 kilometer / natt
    • 0,00 SEK / kilometer


  • Cancel for free up to 60 days prior to the trip
  • Owner

    You rent from Joshua Dudley + Joy
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    Location of vehicle

    From 1 441 SEK per night
    From To
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    Safe with MyCamper and
    Insurance via Baloise included
    Roadside assistance and additional insurances can be added during the booking request process, if not already included.

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