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Rent a caravan in Norway

Rent a caravan safely and securely. Insurance is automatically included for privately owned vehicles.

You can now rent a caravan in Norway easily through MyCamper

Caravan holidays mean great freedom; not only can you bring the kids favorite toys, board games and fishing equipment, but if you want to see something new, it's easy to pack up and drive on to the next campsite in Norway. In these times when we want to reduce our flights and rather choose a climate-smart way to travel, the caravan is a perfect alternative that also offers unforgettable memories with your loved ones in scenic surroundings. Not everyone wants to buy a caravan. Maybe you want to start by seeing if it is a holiday that suits you. Maybe you think that one or two weeks of caravan holiday a year is enough, or that you prefer to rent because you do not want to think about maintenance and parking when it is not in use.

All-round insurance and secure payment methods

When you rent a caravan in Norway from a private person at MyCamper, a tailor-made insurance is automatically included. Through our secure payment system, you can be safe when MyCamper holds the money until you have checked in and are satisfied with the caravan.


Is it safe to rent a caravan from a private person?
Yes, it is safe if you rent through MyCamper. MyCamper performs ID verification of all caravan owners. This way, you can be assured that the owner is who they claim to be.
Is insurance included when you rent a caravan?
When you rent a caravan through MyCamper, insurance and road assistance is always included. This also applies to holidays in Europe.
What kind of driving license do I need for a caravan?
As long as the caravan and the car don't weigh over 3500kg total, a class B license is enough. If the caravan and the car weighs more than 3500kg you need a class B96 license.