Premium Partner Caravan4rep

Presentation partner

Caravan4rep is the Swiss competence network for professional recreational vehicle repair for car body and paint stores. Caravan4rep supports its repair partner businesses at all relevant levels so that they can advise and serve motorhome owners and camping enthusiasts expertly and quickly.

Presentation partnership

As a MyCamper owner, you benefit from special offers at experienced Caravan4rep partners.

  1. Attractive prices or refunds for MyCamper owners: inside for repairs
  2. Certified repair stores, tested by SwissSafetyCenter
  3. Professional, high-quality repairs
  4. Short downtimes during the season
  5. Emergency repairs between uses
  6. Credo "Repair instead of replacement"
  7. Environmentally friendly repairs
  8. Pick-up and delivery service (Within 30min free of charge - bigger distances on agreement)

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