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Questions and answers

Booking of motorhome or caravan

How do I book a motorhome or caravan at MyCamper?
How do I know if the vehicle is available?
How do I know if a booking is confirmed?
How do I send a message to the owner?
What is the time frame for the owner to respond or confirm your booking request?
Can I send a booking request on behalf of a friend or family member?
Can the owner demand that I sign a contract?
How old do I need to be to rent via MyCamper?
Is my credit rating affected by your credit report?
What driving license do I need?

Check-in and check-out

What is check-in?
What is check-out?

The rental period

How do I add extra driver?
Who can travel with me in the motorhome or caravan?
What does the "rules" mean?
Can children come along and how does it work with a car seat?
How do I know if pets are allowed?
How do I know how many seat belts there are and how many are allowed to ride in the motorhome or caravan?

During the trip

Can you walk around in the motorhome when it's moving?
Can I change dates or extend my booking?
Who should I contact in the event of damage to the vehicle?
Is it allowed to travel with the motorhome or caravan abroad?


Payment system
When should I pay?
Does it cost money to use MyCamper?
How does MyCamper handle the deposit?
How high is the deductible for damage?
Is there deductible reduction?

Cancellation and canceled booking

What happens if a booking request is terminated or canceled?
How do I cancel my booking request?
Do I have to pay when I cancel my booking request?
What happens if I cancel a confirmed booking and what cancellation policy applies?
What should I do if the motorhome or caravan owner cancels my booking?

Do you have any questions?

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Questions & answers