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On to new adventures — Housecar becomes MyCamper

We have officially became MyCamper and switched the website address to MyCamper.com.

We have already been working closely with our Swiss partner MyCamper.ch for over a year. Now we decided to merge completely in order to create a greater sharing and camping experience in the Nordics.

For you as a vehicle owner, a renter or a camping fans nothing will change, apart from the new name and the website address

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with your login?
Nothing, you can log in as usual with your email address and password. Want to access your account or create a profile? Please click here.

What happens with upcoming bookings?
Nothing will be changed. Your accepted bookings will take place as confirmed.

Will something change with the insurance?
Not at all. You can still rely on our insurance solution with Omocom as before.

Will the same people work at MyCamper?
Yes, all the Housecar employees will still work here so it will be the same people answering the phone.

Do you need to change something on your vehicle profile?
No, you don’t need to change anything in your profile. Just keep your calendar updated with your own use ❤️

Has anything changed in the terms and conditions?
No, the terms and conditions remain the same.

What happens with Housecar?
The brand Housecar has changed to MyCamper and will no longer exist.
However, our idea remains the same: we will continue to make better use of unused resources with camper sharing and make camping holidays accessible to all. Our service and our passion for camper sharing will continue!


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